We aim to help people and businesses survive during these troubled times

So we're working around the clock to support people in quarantine and helping businesses to stay in business. We've set up a roadmap (below) for this website which will be updated over the coming weeks. As a result, we plan to add more functions to the website as we go along so keep using it.


Initial Launch
Set up a simple directory of businesses that provide home delivery services where business owners can quickly register their business (you are looking at it this version of the website).

Stage 2 - Richer Business Profiles
Create "richer" business profiles allowing businesses to display some of their products and more.

Stage 3 (maybe) - Shop Online
This is the tricky part! Introduce a form of payment allowing people to buy the products listed here direct from the shop owners.

There are many technical and legal challenges we are facing with Stage 3 of this website (Online Multi-vendor Marketplaces are difficult), so thank you in advance for your patience.

From TheFlow team